Saturday, 25 November 2006

Inventory Availability

Quantity On Hand
1) Quantity on hand is the sum of all item increases minus all item decreases

2) It is shown in the Inventory field in Item Card.

3) The quantity shown in the inventory field is the total quantity available in the inventory irrespective of the location.

4) There are 2 ways to check the item availability by locations:
a) Location Filter on the Item Card
b) On Item Card, click Item --> Items by Location

Projected Availability
1) Projected availability calculation includes:
a) Outstanding Inbound orders (purchase orders, transfer orders, production orders)
b) Outstanding Outbound orders

2) On Item Card, Click Item --> Availability by --> Location

3)Projected availability can also be viewed by Variant and Period.

Please note that Item Availability by Location is the Item that will be available on certain date. It is not the actual quantity on hand.

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