Sunday, 19 November 2006

Location Setup

1) Warehouse -> Setup -> Locations

2) We can setup multiple locations in Navision. The locations can be defined as whether to use Warehouse Management System (WMS) or not.

3) To define a location will use WMS, go to the Warehouse tab, place a check mark at the Direct Put-Away and Pick field. The following fields will be checked and become non-editable:
~a) Require Receive
~b) Require Shipment
~c) Require Put-away
~d) Require Pick
~e) Bin Mandatory

4) Fields that related to the order date and promising functionality are:
~a) Outbound Whse.
~b) Handling Time
~c) Inbound Whse. Handling Time
~d) Base Calender Code
~e) Customized Calendar

5) Fields in Bin tab become available when Directed Put-Away and Pick is checked.

6) The values entered in the bin tab will be used as the default value for activities that involve bin. Link to bin table (7354).

7) Warehouse is logically divided into zones. Zones are divided into bins.

8) Must have at least 4 zones in Navision:
~a) Receipt
~b) Cross-dock
~c) Pick
~d) Shipping

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