Monday, 20 November 2006

Receive and Put-Away

1) PO must be released first before warehouse personnel can see the order lines.

2) Receive of items can be done at
(a) Purchase Order OR (b) Warehouse Receipt

3) When items arrived at warehouse, employees need to create a warehouse receipt. Once the employee post the Warehouse receipt, the items will become part of intentory and ready for sale.

4) When posting the receipt, an inbound document that instruct the warehouse employee where to put the items is created. Suggested zone and bins can be changed.

5) After posting, the historical transaction can be viewed at Posted Received and Registered Put-away.

6) The PO can be invoiced when the warehouse has completed its tasks.

Complete Purchase Cycle
1) Buyer / Purchaser create PO. The PO must be released in order for Warehouse personnel to see the PO.
2) When items arrived at the warehouse, Warehouse personnel will receive the items.
3) There are 2 functional areas that can be used to receive Purchase Order.
a) Warehouse --> Planning & Execution --> Receipts
(i) Get Source Document
(ii) Source Document Filtering

b) Purchase --> Order Processing --> Orders
(i) Functions -> Create Whse. Receipt


Honey said...

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How can I set more than one location code to the Dimension values? (My dimension is called as stores. So Stores have more than one and each store have more than one location code). Basically, can set one location code into one store code under the store cards. But this location code only take care of the dimension while I use on any transfers. But other location codes which is represents for the same store code its doesn't.

So how can I set more than one location code into store cards to represents these locations are represents this store codes something like that.

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