Saturday, 25 November 2006


Reservation can be used in 2 scenarios:
1) Salesperson reserves inventory or inbound items for a specific sales order.
2) Production planners reservers inventory or inbound items for a firm planned production order.

Reservation at Sales Order can be made from the following sources:
1) Inventory
2) Purchase Order Line
3) Firm Planned Production Order Line

Please note that Reservation of (2) and (3) must meet the condition where the expected receive date must be earlier than the shipment date.

To do a reservation at Sales Order:
a) Click Function --> Reserve to bring up the Reservation window.
b) Place your cursor to the line that you want to reserve.
c) Click Function --> Reserve From Current Line

The above steps will cause Navision to create Reservation entries. There are 2 ways to check the reservation entries:
a) At Reservation window, click Line --> Reserved Entries.
b) At Sales Order Line, click Function --> Order Tracking.

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