Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Default Dimension

There are 3 types of dimensions:
1) Dimension - Single: Single Account
2) Dimensions - Multiple: Multiple Account
3) Account Type Default Dimensions: All Account

Dimension - single
Dimension - Single is used in account card such as customer card. to access the Customer Dimension, click CUSTOMER -> DIMENSIONS. Fields in Default Dimensions window are:
1) Dimension Code
2) Dimension Value Code
3) Value Posting
---> Blank - no restriction
---> Code Mandatory - Navision will check that entry contains dimension value during posting but the dimension can accept any values
---> Same Code - Navision will check to make sure that the entry will have the same dimension value in the Default dimension value during posting
---> No Code - Navision will check that entry does not have dimension code during posting

Dimension - Multiple
1) Besides assigning 1 default dimension to 1 customer card at a time, you can also assign the same default dimension to a group of customers at a time.

2) You can achieve this by assigning the dimension values in a groups of customer at the Customer list

3) At the customer list, highlight the group of customers that you want to assign default dimension value. Click on the CUSTOMER -> DIMENSIONS -> DIMENSIONS-MULTIPLE

4) The above steps can also be applied to other account types such as vendor, items and G/L Account

Account Type Default Dimensions

2) Select the dimension code that you want to create default dimension value and then click on the DIMENSION -> ACCOUNT TYPE DEFAULT DIMENSION

3) Select the appropriate table id in the Table ID field

4) key in the Dimension Value Code and Value Posting.

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