Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Dimensions and Dimension Values

Dimension is a marker entered together with transaction records to group similar record with similar data together for analysis purposes. You can you do simple analysis by using one dimension or more complex analysis by tagging several dimension to a record.

Before you can use Dimension in Navision, you must first setup the Dimensions and Dimension Values accoding to you company business requirement. Dimension can be setup from

Important fields in the Dimension Setup table include:
1) Code - a reference field
2) Name - displayed Reports and Analysis View
3) Description - for information purpose only
4) Code Caption and Filter Caption - caption that appears in shortcut dimension field name 5) Blocked - prevent further posting using this dimension. Posted transaction will remain.
6) Map to IC Dimension Code - map to the dimension code in intercompany
7) Consolidation code - for consolidation

Each Dimension can have unlimited number of Dimension Values. Dimension Values can be created by:
1) Select the Dimension that you want to create Dimension Values.
2) Click on Dimension -> Dimension Values to open Dimension Value window

The important thing to take note here is the Dimension Value Type. Dimension Value Type is used to create hierarchical relationship and grouping betwen dimension values. There are 5 types of Dimension Values:
1) Standard
2) Heading
3) Total
4) Begin-Total
5) End-Total
Please note that only Standard and Begin-Total types can be posted.

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