Thursday, 14 December 2006

Manual VAT Calculation (Journal)

1) VAT calculated by Navision in Journal can be adjusted. You need to do this when the Navision calculated VAT value is different from what is stated in the vendor invoice.

2) Before you can do VAT adjustment, you must specify the Max. VAT Diff Allowed value in the General Ledger Setup window

3) A warning message will be prompted if the variance between the adjusted VAT value and the Navision calculated is more than the Max. VAT Diff Allowed specified. You won't be able to proceed.

4) The difference between the adjusted value and the Navision calculated values will be stored in the VAT Diference field.

* MyCom does not allow VAT Difference


Unknown said...

This was very helpful. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Do you know what Table permissions are required to allow this amount to be modified? It's not R/W/D on 290 GST Amount Line. We have a user who can change the GST in one company but not in another and I can't work out what permission I need to add without going through a large number of permissions table by table! In both cases the GL and P&P setup tables are identical.