Saturday, 23 December 2006

Navision Application Methods

1) When you post an increase transaction, Navision places a check mark at the Open field in Item Ledger Entry.

2) At the same time, the quantity increased will be copied to the Remaining Quantity field in the Item Ledger Entry.

3) Please note that Remaining Quantity in Item Ledger Entry is not outstanding quantity to be received. It is the quantity remain in inventory.

4) When an item is sold (or any outbound transaction) the unit in the inbound item ledger entry will be reduced by the number of units sold.

5) If the quantity in the outbound entry is the same or greater than the remaining quantity, Navision will remove the check mark in the Open field for the inbound item ledger entry.

6) Which inbond entries to be applied are depends on the Cosing Method used.

7) Users can also manually specify which entry to apply to. When creating sales line, users can specify which entry to applied to at the Applies-to Entry field in the sales line.

8) The records of item entries application is stored in Applied Item Entry table.

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