Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Navision Inventory Posting Flow

1) 2 kinds of inventor posting in Navision
a) Quantity
b) Value

2) Transaction that results in change on inventyro quantity
a) Purchases
b) Purchase Returns
c) Sales
d) Sales Return
e) Transfer
f) Inventory Adjustments
g) Consumption
h) output

3) Each transaction occurs will caused Navision to record the inventory changes in item ledger entry.

4) Every time when inventory quantity change, inventory value will also change.

5) Changes of inventory value is recorded as value entry.

6) Navision will create value entry for:
a) direct cost
b) indirect costs
c) rounding
d) revaluation
e) variances

7) Please note that one item ledger entry may have more than one value entry.

8) Item ledger and item value entries cannot be deleted once a document has been invoiced.

9) Cost amounts posted initially may not be the actual inventory value. You need to use Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job to adjust the value entries.

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