Monday, 19 March 2007

How to enter opening balance for vendors

If you want to migrate to Navision from other accounting system, you may need to migrate over the opening balance of vendors to Navision. In Navision, there is no specific screen or function for you to maintain opening balance for vendors. Opening balance for vendors can be entered through General Journal. In General Journal, you can select Invoice or Credit Memo document type. Please take note that if you select Invoice as the document type, the amount value must be negative. If you select Credit Memo, the amount value must be positive. Otherwise, you will not be able to post the journal entries to ledger.


Anonymous said...

Yes and the balancing account should also be mentioned as if you have not entered your balance sheet yet you would not want to post to the trade vendors account

Madhavi said...

Plz show this answer with an example in General Journal screen