Saturday, 7 April 2007

Cash Receipt - Apply entries at the time cash receipt is procesed

Navision allow you to receive full payment or partial payment. Cash receipt is done through Cash Receipt Journal. Below are the steps to receive full payment.

  2. Select the Batch Name at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter Posting Date.
  4. Select Payment at the Document Type.
  5. Document No. is system generated.
  6. Key in checque number at the External Doc No. *this step is optional
  7. Select Customer as Account Type
  8. Select the Customer at the Account No. field
  9. Enter the amount to the Amount field if you know the value. (Value mus be -ve)You can also leave the Amount field empty if you do not know or do not want to enter it. If you leave it empty, Navision will populate it for you based on your applied entries in the following steps.
  10. Click FUNCTIONS --> APPLY ENTRIES or SHIFT + F9 to open Applies Customer Entries window.
  11. If you have entered a value in the Amount field at step 9, the value will appear in Amount and Remaining Amount fields at the top part of this window. If you did not enter the amount value, these 2 fields will be zero.
  12. Select the invoice that you want to apply and then press F9 to apply the entry.
  13. If you want do partial payment, you can change the Amount to Apply field to the amount that you want to apply. By default, the Amount to Apply field is populated with the full amount of the entry line.
  14. You can apply to more than one invoice. To apply for more than one invoice, you just press F9 at the respective invoice lines.
  15. Once you are done, click on the OK button to close this window and return to Cash Receipt Journal.
  16. If you did not enter the amount value at step 9, the total amount of the applied invoices will be copied to the Amount field in Cash Receipt Journal.
  17. Click POST --> TEST REPORT and the Preview to check all the entries are correct.
  18. Press 'ESC' key to escape back to the Cash Receipt Journal.
  19. Click POSTING --> POST to post the journal lines.

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