Thursday, 5 April 2007

Invoice Posting

Once Invoice is posted from the Sales Invoice window, the invoice will be deleted. The entry will be posted to Customer Ledger Entry and Detailed Customer Ledger Entries. When you drill down to the Detailed Customer Ledger Entries, you can see that the Entry Type for the Invoice posted is Initial Entry. Entry Type is entered automatically by Navision. Initial Entry indicate that this entry is either posted from invocie, payment, credit memo, finance charge or reminder. Other type of entry type includes:
  1. Application
  2. UnrealizedLoss
  3. Unrealized Gain
  4. RealizedLoss
  5. Realized Gain
  6. Payment Discount
  7. Payment Discount (SST Excl.)
  8. Payment Discount (SST Adjustment)
  9. Appln. Rounding
  10. Correction of Remaining Amount
  11. Payment Tolerance
  12. Payment Disocunt Tolerance
  13. Payment Tolerance (SST Excl.)
  14. Payment Tolerance (SST Adjustment )
  15. PaymentDiscount Tolerance(SST Excl.)
  16. Payment Discount Tolerance (SST Adjustment)

MyComm has customized it to retain the Invoice at the Invoice window.

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