Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Payment discounts at the time invoice is paid.

Navision will post the payment discount automatically if the payment is made within the specified date range. You can define how Navision should calculate the payment discount at the Payment Term windows. To access the Payment Term window, click FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT --> RECEIVABLES --> SETUP --> PAYMENT TERMS.

When you post invoice, Navision will calculate the possible payment discount amount and stored in the Original Pmt. Disc. Possible field and the Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible field. The possible payment discount is calculated based on the setting in the Payment Term. When invoice is post, the payment discount amount is only a suggested or possible value. The payment discount will only be given when the invoice is fully paid within the date specified. Therefore, payment discounts can only known at the time of full payment. Partial payment is not entitiled for payment discount. Payment discount will be given only if the full payment has been made before the date in the Pmt. Discount Date in the Customer Ledger Entry / Invoice.

My company do not practice early payment discount.

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