Thursday, 5 April 2007

Reminder to Customer

Navision can create reminders to customers with outstanding balance by batch. Navision use the reminder term code and fin. charge term code in Customer Card to determine:

1) due date of reminder

2) interest rates

3) include additional fees or not

4) use predefined text or not

My company is not using this feature. So, I can't give much comment about it.


Anonymous said...

I see that you recommend not using this feature. Any specific reason why?
We are moving to Nav 5 and are considering using reminders, but the setup seems somewhat tedious and we do not charge interest on overdue balances. I am not sure that there is much value in using the feature if there is an issue with it and would appreciate your comments.

Admin said...

I am not recommending anyone not to use this feature. What i means is my company is not using this feature.

ganix said...

hi all,

i have trouble occuring:
it was not possible to create reminders for some of the selected customers.

Do you wan to see these customers?
yes no

what is wrong with me?

Unknown said...

Hi, if you using the interest field, you have to make settings in Financial Management->Setup->Posting Group->Customer. There is a field nammed "Interest Account". Choose an account, and the system will not crash.

Devion said...

Even when you dont post additional fee, you still need to select a G/L Account at Setup -> Posting Groups -> Customer.

Becareful which G/L Account you select, because every (default) setting that's on the G/L account, it will post with it.

For instance it will take VAT product posting group with it, resulting in an additional fee with VAT, if a VAT group is selected on the G/L Account.