Friday, 6 April 2007

Work Center Groups, Work Center and Machine Center

Work Center Groups can be considered as a department within the organization such as Production Department, Shipping Department and Inventory Department. Within the work center groups, we can have many Work Centers or Sections, such as Painting, Packaging and Quality Assurance. A work center consist of many machine centers or production line, such as Painting Line 1, Painting Line 2, Painting Line 3, Packaging Line 1, Packaging Line 2 and Quality Assurance 1 and Quality Assurance 2. Machine is the lowest level of entity. Machine center can consist of a single or multiple machines or person. The total capacity of a work center is the sum of the machine centers. Please note that one machine center can only belong to one work center but one work center can have multiple machine centers.

My company only use Work Centers and Machine Centers but not using Work Center Groups.

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