Friday, 6 July 2007

Create Purchase Order

1. In the Purchase Order window, press F3 and then ENTER.

Once the ENTER key is hit, Navision will update the No. Series table and insert a new record into the Purchase Header table.

Fields updated in No. Series table are:
  • Last No. Used
  • Last Date Used

Fields updated in Purchase Header table are:
  • Document Type
  • No.
  • Ship-to-Name
  • Ship-to-Address
  • Ship-to-Address 2
  • Ship-to-City
  • Order Date
  • Posting Date
  • Posting Description
  • Applies-to Doc. Type
  • Ship-to Post Code
  • Ship-to Country Code
  • Bal. Account Type
  • Document Date
  • NO. Series
  • Posting NO. Series
  • Receiving No. Series
  • Status
  • Invoice Discount Calculation
  • IC Status
  • IC Direction
  • Doc. No. Occurrence
Navision will issue 2 SQL Statement to update the 2 tables mentioned. First SQL Statment is an UPDATE statement to modify the No. Series table while the second statement is an INSERT statement to insert record into Purchase Header table.

2. Select a vendor in the Buy-from Vendor No. field in the Purchase Order Header.
Navision will automatically populates the Purchase Header with the information from the Vendor selected. The fields updated in the Purchase Header table are:
  • Buy-from Vendor No.
  • Pay-to Vendor No.
  • Pay-to Name
  • Pay-to Address
  • Pay-to City
  • Pay-to Contact
  • Ship-to Name
  • Ship-to Address
  • Ship-to Address 2
  • Ship-to Contact
  • Payment Terms Code
  • Due Date
  • Pmt. Discount Date
  • Shipment Method Code
  • Location Code
  • Vendor Posting Group
  • Invoice Disc. Code
  • Language Code
  • Purchaser Code
  • SST Registration No.
  • Gen. Bus. Posting Group
  • SST Country Code
  • Buy-from Vendor Name
  • Buy-from Address
  • Buy-from City
  • Buy-from Contact
  • Pay-to Post Code
  • Pay-to Country Code
  • Buy-from Post Code
  • Buy-from Country Code
  • Ship-to Post Code
  • SST Bus. Posting Group
  • Buy-from Contact No.
  • Pay-to Contact No.
  • Responsibility Center
  • Inbound Whse. Handling Time
In fact, before update the Purchase Header table, Navision will first update the Document Dimension table by deleting all the related records in the Document Dimension table and then insert back records into the Document Dimension table. Navision won't do update the records in the Document Dimension table but to delete and re-insert back.

3. In the Purchase Line, select Type as Item and then select an Item No.

Related records from Document Dimension will be deleted and then new records will be inserted.

26 fields in the Purchase Line table will be updated. The

  • Buy-from Vendor No.
  • No.
  • Location Code
  • Posting Group
  • Expected Receipt Date
  • Description
  • Unit of Measure
  • Direct Unit Cost
  • Unit Cost (LCY)
  • SST %
  • Unit Price (LCY)
  • Pay-to Vendor No.
  • Gen. Bus. Posting Group
  • Gen. Prod. Posting Group
  • SST Bus. Posting Group
  • SST Prod. Posting Group
  • Unit Cost
  • SST Identifier
  • Unit of Measure Code
  • Responsibility Center
  • Inbound Whse. Handling Time
  • Planned Receipt Date
  • Order Date
  • Safety Lead Time

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