Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Post Receive in Purchase Order

When you do a post receive in the Purchase Order, Navision will do a lot of works behind the scene. Many tables will be updated. The following are the steps performed by Navison when you do Post Receive at Purchase Order:
  1. Update VAT Base (ACY), Amount Including VAT (ACY), Amount (ACY) in Purchase Line table.
  2. Set Routing Reference in Purchase Line to 0.
  3. Set Invoice to No and and Status to Released in Purchase Header table.
  4. Set Status in Purchase Header to Open.
  5. INSERT a new record into Purch. Rcpt. Header table.
  6. Insert records into Posted Document Dimension table for each dimension created in the records created in the Purchase Order. Table ID used in Table 120 - Purch. Rcpt. Header.
  7. Insert records into Ledger Entry Dimension for each dimension created in the Purchase Order. Table ID used is Table 32 Item Ledger Entry.
  8. INSERT a new record into Item Ledger Entry table for the quantity received.
  9. INSERT a new record into Item Register table.
  10. INSERT a new record into Item Application Entry table.
  11. Insert a new records into Ledger Entry Dimension for Table 5802 - Value Entry
  12. INSERT a new record into Value Entry table.
  13. Set both the Cost is Adjusted and Allow Online Adjustment fields in Item table to No.
  14. Update Item Register table.
  15. Insert records into Purch. Rcpt. Line table
  16. Insert records into Posted Document Dimension table for table Purch. Rcpt. Line record created in previous step.
  17. Update Receiving No. and Last Receiving No. fields in Purchase Header table. At the same time, the Status is set to Released.
  18. Update the following fields in Purchase Line table:
    1. Outstanding Quantity
    2. Qty. to Invoice
    3. Qty. to Receive
    4. Outstanding Amount
    5. Qty. Rcd. Not Invoiced
    6. Amt. Rcd. Not Invoiced
    7. Quantity Received
    8. Outstanding Amount (LCY)
    9. Amt Rcd. Not Invoiced (LCY)
    10. Oustanding Qty (Base)
    11. Qty. to Invoice (Base)
    12. Qty. to Receive (Base)
    13. Qty. Rcd. Not Invoiced (Base)
    14. Qty. Received (Base)
  19. Update Item Analysis View
  20. Insert new records into Item Analysis View Entry table
  21. Update the Last Entry No. and Last Date Updated in Item Analysis View table.

To summarize, the following tables will be updated when you post receive:
  1. Purchase Line
  2. Purchase Header
  3. Item
  4. Item Analysis View
while new records are inserted into the following tables:
  1. Purch. Rcpt. Header
  2. Purch. Rcpt Line
  3. Posted Document Dimension
  4. Ledger Entry Dimension
  5. Item Ledger Entry
  6. Item Register
  7. Item Application Entry
  8. Value Entry
  9. Item Analysis View Entry
If you try to trace what tables are updated with Change Log Entries, what you will get are only SST Base (ACY), Amount Including SST (ACY) and Amount (ACY) in Purchase Line being updated.


Bes said...

Hi, may I know if the VAT Base Amount field will be populated into Purc. Rcpt. Line table after we done a Post Receive?

I have tried in standard Navision and it seems that the VAT Base Amount did not get populated. May I know why? Thanks!

MPflieger said...

Is it possible to turn off "Allow Online Adjustment" for a particular item? We have one that takes foreeeeever to recieve because of all the adjustments. I wonder if I could turn that off, and let the "Adjust Cost - Item Entries" routine do it at night. Would that work?

Vacendak said...

I have a similar issue as MPflieger and therefore the excact same question.

In muy case I have an item (freight) that takes a long time to ship and invoiced. The item is never purchased - only sold. I have made a positive adjustment of 10.000 (with a cost of zero) to prevent the Stockout warning. The item has a checkmark in "Inventory Value Zero", so we actually never need an adjustment, as there are no inbound entries with a value.