Sunday, 22 July 2007

Quantity field in Purchase Line

When you enter a value into the Quantity field in Purchase Line, 12 fields in the Purchase Line will be updated:
  • Quantity
  • Outstanding Quantity
  • Qty. to Receive
  • Qty. to Invoice
  • Outstanding Amount
  • Outstanding Amount (LCY)
  • Line Amount
  • Quantity (Base)
  • Outstanding Qty. (Base)
  • Qty. to Invoice (Base)
  • Qty. to Receive (Base)
  • Amount (ACY)
Outstanding Quantity, Qty. to Receive and Qty. to Invoice will take the same value as Quantity field.

Please note that Line Amount field is calculated from the following formula:
Line Amount = Quantity * Direct Unit Cost

If you try to change either the Quantity or Direct Unit Cost field, the Line Amount will be recalculated.

If you noticed, there is no such thing as Direct Unit Cost or Line Amount in the Purchase Order Line. What you will see are the Direct Unit Cost Excl. SST and Line Amount Excl. SST but at the table level, you will Direct Unit Cost and Line Amount. The actual table name is Direct Unit Cost and Line Amount. Direct Unit Cost Excl. SST is the caption shown in the Purchase Order line. If you go to Invoicing tab and place a check the Prices Including SST field, the caption of the Direct Unit Cost Excl. SST will change to Direct Unit Cost Incl. SST while the Line Amount Excl. SST will change to Line Amount Incl. SST.

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