Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Dataport not able to import data into table.

You have created a simple dataport and very confident that the dataport can import data into your table without any problem. Then, you try to run the dataport (Ctrl + R) and import a file into your table. The import process completed successfully. Then you go to your table to check the imported data but the luck is not with you. The data not found in your table.
First thing you need to check is the AutoSave and Auto Update properties of your property. Set it to Yes if it is in No status.

Still cannot. Make sure you have saved and compiled your dataport and run it from the Object designer. Very often, you are very confident that your dataport will work perfectly because it is just a simple dataport. So, you just design and run the dataport without saving it so that you can save one object license. Your dataport will not save data in your table if you just run it in design mode without saving it first.