Friday, 17 August 2007

Print Check at Payment Journal

If you have selected Computer Check option in the Bank Payment Type field, you must print out the check first before Post the Payment Journal lines. The Bank Payment Type option can be selected at the Payment Journal lines or at the option tab when you use SUGGEST VENDOR PAYMENTS option.

Please note that Computer Check or Manual Check can only be selected if the Bal. Account Type or Account Type is Bank Account.

To print the check:
1) Click on Payments --> Print Check.
2) Select the Option tab.
3) Select an account in the Bank Account field. Last Check No. will be populated automatically from Bank Account Card.
4) Click Print and the OK.

Please note that after you Print the check:
1) A new line will be inserted into the Payment Journal. The Account No. for this new line is the Bal. Account No. in the original first Payment Journal line.
2) Bal. Account No. in the first Payment Journal Line will be emptied.
3) Document No. on both of the lines will be populated with the check no.

Now, the Payment journal is ready to be posted.

The detail sequence on what tables have been updated by the Print check function is described as follows:
1) Insert a new record into Check Ledger Entry table.
2) Set Bal. Account No. and the Bank Payment Type in the first Payment Journal Line (in General Journal Line table) to empty and Check Printed to Yes. Another field to be updated in this step is the Balance (LCY) field.
3) Delete all Journal Line Dimensions records for the to be inserted General Journal Line record.
4) A new record is inserted into General Journal Line table.
5) Update Last Check No. field in the Bank Account table for the Bank Account used to print the check.

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