Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Suggest Vendor Payments

Suggest Vendor Payments is a very useful feature in Payment Journal that will list out all the outstanding invoices based on the filtering criteria entered by user.

To use Suggest Vendor Payments.
1) Open up the Payment Journal.
2) Select the desired Batch.
3) Cclick Payments --> Suggest Vendor Payments.
4) Fill in the necessary filtering criteria.
5) Click on the OK button.

That's it. The Payment Journal will be populated with Payment Journal Lines.

If you do not want to pay all the suggested payment lines, you can safely delete the lines from the Payment Journal lines. The deletion only delete the lines from this particular journal and will not affect the source document.

Please note:
1) Posting Date in the suggested Payment Lines is defaulted to Work Date.
2) Amount is populated with Purchase Invoice Amount

If you want to check the details of the Invoice to be offset by this payment, it can be done with the following steps:
1) Scroll to the Right of the Payment Journals until you see the Applies-to-Doc field.
2) Select the Applies-to-Doc. No field and the Press F6 to drill-down.
3) Click on the first line and click Navigate.
4) Select Posted Purchase Invoice in the Navigate windows and the click Show.
5) Click on the first line and then click Invoice --> Card.

The Posted Purchase Invoice card will appear.

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