Sunday, 16 September 2007

Blanket Order (Sales)

Sales Blanket Order is used when buyer makes an order with large quantities and requires multiple shipments to be delivered within a period of time. It can be considered as a long term agreement between 2 buyer and seller. From the business perspective, this will save the buyer's administration cost by reducing the number of PO issued and also get a better bargain when order in large quantities. Buyer also save inventory cost to store all the items purchased because the items will be delivered when needed. Buyer can plans when the delivery to be made to keep their inventory cost to the lowest.

Whenever a shipment is required by the buyer, a sales order will be created from the blanket order. This can be done with the Make Order function in the Blanket Order. Multiple sales orders can be created from a blanket order depending on how many shipments are required by the buyer.

Blanket Orders will not affect the Item Availability of an item. Also note that Quantity in Sales Order cannot be more than quantity in blanket order.

Sales Blanket Order can be accessed from:
Sales & Marketing --> Order Processing --> Blanket Orders

Please note that Blanket Order is not a special term introduced by Navision. It is a common term used in business environment.

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