Monday, 17 September 2007

Do not allow partial delivery

If your business environment requires that every sales order must be delivered in full and no partial delivery is allowed, then you must ensures that the Qty. to Ship is equal to the Quantity in Sales Order line before post shipment.

There is no way you can trust your users to always check the Quantity to Ship and Quantity fields before they post shipment. Fortunately, Navision can help you check this. To let Navision check the Qty. to Ship and Quantity fields:
1) Open Customer card.
2) Click on the Shipping tab.
3) In the Shipping Advice tab, select Complete. By default, Navision set it to partial.

Once you set the Shipping Advice to Complete, Navision will ensure the Qty. to Ship is equal to the Quantity value before you can post shipment successfully. Since the Shipping Advise is set at the customer level, you can set which customers can accept partial-delivery and which customers must be delivered in full.

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