Thursday, 20 September 2007

How to combine several sales orders into one invoice

It is very common that your customers make order from you in several sales order and delivery. Instead of sending your customers one invoice for each sales order, you want to combine the details of all the sales orders into one invoice and send only one invoice to each customer.

Navision enable you to handle the above mentioned situation by enabling the Combine Shipments option. To use combine shipment:
1) Open a Customer Card.
2) Click on the Shipping tab.
3) Place a check mark at the Combine Shipments field.

OK. After you setup the customer to be able to use combine shipments, whenever you create a new sales order for the customer, the Combine Shipments field in the Sales Order will be set to true. You can then run the Combine Shipments batch job to extract those sales orders with combine shipments marks to an invoice. To run the Combine Shipments batch job:
1) Go to Financial Management --> Receivables --> Combined Shipments...
2) Put in the filter to filter what sales order you want to select.
3) Click on the OK button to let Navision generate the invioces for you.

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