Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sales & Receivables - Alternative Ship-to's granule

If you want to handle the situation where your customers require their orders to be delivered to different addresses than the billing address, you need to purchase the Sales & Receivables - Alternative Ship-to's granule. With this granule, you can use the ship-to-address feature to record those alternative addresses. You can record multiple addresses for a customer because the additional addresses are stored in Ship-to-Address table. When Sales Order or Invoice is made, users can select the shipment address to use.

To add alternative address to the customer:
1) Open the customer card.
2) Click on Customer --> Ship-to Addresses.
3) Enter as many addresses as you like.

To use the alternative address in sales order:
1) Open the Sales Order
2) Go to Shipping Tab.
3) Click on the Ship-to Code and select an address to use.

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