Monday, 24 September 2007

Why we need Customer Posting Group ?

Sales figure for each customer need to be posted an account in the general ledger. If we create one general ledger account for each customer, the chart of account will be cluttered with too many customer accounts. Therefore, it is not practical to create one general ledger account for each customer. To make the chart of account cleaner and more organized, accountants usually groups several customers into one posting group and then specify an account for the posting group. All sales transactions for customers under the same posting group will be posted to the same customer account.

Navision can cater this scenario with Customer Posting Group. You can setup many Customer Posting Groups in Navision. By default, Cronus comes with 2 Customer Posting Group:
  1. Domestic
  2. Foreign

To setup the Customer Posting Group, go to Financial Management --> Setup --> Posting Groups --> Customer

To group the customer under a Customer Posting Group, open the Customer Card and then select the Invoicing Tab. Select a Customer Posting Group to group the customer.

OK. From this point onwards, whenever you post sales orders, invoices and credit memos, involvoing the customer, Navision will post the financial value to the respective general ledger accounts based on the setup done in the Customer Posting Group setup.

Please note that one customer can only has one customer posting group.

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