Friday, 26 October 2007

Change Production BOM lines

If you want to change the Production BOM lines that has been certified, you must first set the Status to 'Under Development' because Production BOM with the 'Certified' status cannot be changed. After changes have been done, you must set the status back to 'Certified' so that the BOM is available for use.

If you change the BOM lines with this method, you will loose the previous BOM lines information. This method work fine if you find that the BOM lines have been set incorrectly and you want to correct it. But in the case where your company want to adjust or change the BOM components, this method is not suitable because you will loose the previous BOM components once the new changes have been saved. Usually, company will want to keep the original BOM components as reference when adjustment or changes are made to the BOM. Rather than create a new BOM for the new formulation, Navision allow you to update the existing BOM with a version. To create a new BOM version:

1) Open the Production BOM that you want to change.
2) Click on Prod. BOM --> Versions.
3) Enter a Version No.
4) Fill in the Description field.
5) Select a Unit of Measure.
6) In the Starting Date field, enter a date where the new BOM will take effect. If Production Order is created before the date specified in the Starting Date field, Navision will use the original BOM.
7) Click Function --> BOM Header and the select Yes to copy the Production BOM.
8) Change the component lines according to your new BOM requirements.
9) Set the Status to 'Certified'.
10) Yes, the new version has been created. Close the Version window to return to the Production BOM Card.

Notice that the Active Version field in the Production BOM card will show the currently active version.

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