Friday, 26 October 2007

Copy BOM

If you want to create a BOM that is similar to existing BOM, you can use the Copy BOM function to copy the existing BOM lines to the new BOM. After copy the BOM lines, you can make changes to the lines to suite your new BOM. To create a new BOM from existing BOM:

2) Press F3 to create a new Production BOM.
3) Enter a new BOM number in the Number field. It is recommended to use manual number in BOM number field so that you can choose a meaningful and easy to remember BOM number.
4) Fill in the Description field.
5) Select a Unit of Measure.
6) Click on Function --> Copy BOM.
7) Choose the Production that you want to copy from and then click on the OK button. This will copy all the component lines to the new Production BOM.
8) Change the component lines to suit your new new Production BOM.
9) After you have finalized on the Production BOM, change the Status field in the header to Certified. This is very important because only Certified BOM can be used in Production Order.

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