Friday, 5 October 2007

Customer Disc. Groups

Customer Disc. Groups is used to specify price discounts for specific item category and customer group. To illustrates this, open the Customer Disc. Groups windows in Cronus database. In case you cannot find, the Customer Disc. Groups is located under Administration --> Application Setup --> Customer Disc. Groups.

Cronus has categorized their customers into 2 major Customer. Disc. Groups : Large Account and Retail.

Select RETAIL and then click on Cust. Dis... --> Sales Lines Discounts.

Customers that belong to RETAIL discount group can get 2 types of discounts based on the Item Disc. Group. If the RETAIL customer puchased Raw Material, 15% discounts will be given while 10% discount will be given if FINISHED products are purchased. If RETAIL customer purchased items other than FINISHED and RAW MAT, such as RESALE item, no discount will be given. Therefore, the Sales Line Discounts depends on both Customer Disc. Group and Item Disc. Group.

You must assign the Customer Disc. Groups in Customer Card and Item Disc. Group in Item Card before the Sales Line Discount feature will take effect. To assign Customer Disc. Groups to customer in Customer Card:
1) Open the Customer Card
2) Select the Invoicing tab
3) Select a Customer Disc. Group.

Item Disc. Group can be assigned at the Item Card, Invoicing tab.

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