Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Customer Price Group

Customer Price Group is used to group together customers for pricing purposes. For example, wholesale customer can be grouped together and be given wholesale price instead of normal unit price when sales order is made. To use the Customer Price Group feature, you must first:
1) Setup Customer Price Group
2) Assign Customer Price Group to customer in Customer Card.

To setup Customer Price Group:
1) Click on Administration --> Application Setup --> Sales & Marketing --> Customer Price Groups.
2) Key in WHS in the Code field.
3) Enter Wholesaler in the description field.
4) click on Cust. Price Group --> Sales Prices.
5) Select the Item No. that you want to give special price and the fill in the conditions to be met before the special price will be given.

To Assign Customer Price Group to Customer
1) Open Customer Card.
2) Browse to the customer that you want to assign a Customer Price Group.
3) Click on the Invoicing tab.
4) Select a Customer Price Group.

In order to use this feature, you must purchase 'Sales & Receivables - Sales Line Pricing' granule and move all the pricing information from Item Card to the Sales Price table. Standard Unit Price in Item Card will not be used anymore if the Sales Line Pricing feature is used.

* My company is using this feature. Therefore, Unit Price for all items in the Item Card is 0.


Nowsheen Saher said...

it helped me understanding some basics.......thanq...

Admin said...

You are welcome