Wednesday, 10 October 2007

How to offer substitute items to customer in situation of stock shortage ?

You have 2 items that are similar and can be used to substitute each other. When you create a sales order for either one of the item, you want to know the inventory level of the other item if the item that you want to sell is out of stock or in shortage. With this information, you can use the substitute item in the sales order instead. This will help you avoid losing sales due to item shortage or out of stock.

Navision allow you to link two or more items together as subsitutes if you have purchased the 'Inventory - Item Substitutions' granule.

To setup the Item Substitution:
1) Open Item Card.
2) In the Item Card, click Item --> Substitutions.
3) Enter the Substitute item in the Item Substitution Entry window.

You can substitute an item with Item or Nonstock Item by defining it at the SubType field. The Interchangeable field indicates whether the item and substitute can be interchange or not. The item and substitute are interchangeable if a check mark is placed in the Interchanceable field. The condition field is to indicate whether comment is entered for this substitution or not. To enter comment for the conditions, click on the Condition button to open the Condition window and then enter your comment as the condition. Please note that the condition is just a comment.

The Item Substitution Entry is stored in Table 5715 - Item Substitution.

When you create a sales order for Item with substitution setup, Navision will place a check mark at the Substitution Available field in the Sales Order Line.

If the quantity that you entered in the Sales Order Line exceeded the available inventory, Navision will prompt up an message as follow:

Please note that the Substitutes Exists field is checked if the Item has substitute.

To substitute an item in the Sales Order Line with the substitution, click on Line --> Select Substitution to open the Customer Item Substitution window. Select the substitution item and then click on the OK button. The item in sales order line will be replaced with the substitution item.
*My company has purchased this granule but not using it.

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