Wednesday, 10 October 2007

How to Set up alternative sales prices for a customer ?

By default, Navision copies the unit price from Item Card to Sales Order Line when the Item is selected. This feature is very handy to save users' time to re-enter the sales price at the sales order lines and more importantly is to avoid users from keying in the price wrongly.
The same sales price will be copied to all sales orders irregardless of who the customers are. This method is working fine if you are giving the same unit price to all your customers.

How if the sales manager has agreed to sell Item X to Customer A with a special price of $80 instead of the normal price of $100 if customer A purchased at least 30 units of Item X by 31th Dec 2007 ? One way to do it is to ask your sales person to change the unit price at the sales order line. When the sales person create a new sales order line, the unit price will be copied from the Item Card. Then, the sales person will change the unit price based on the agreed terms. But this method is too tedious and error prone. The sales person who create the sales order may be not aware of the agreed terms and thus did not change the unit price at the sales order. Or, the sales person may change to a wrong price. Or the sales person forgot to change the unit prie.

To solve this problem, Navision allows sales person to specify unit price for specific item to certain customers if the specified conditions are met. Conditions that can be set include:
1) Customer belong to certain customer price group
2) Purchase is made within certain period
3) Minimum quantity purchased
4) Purchase made with certain currency
5) Certain Unit of Measure
6) Certain item variant

To specify the sales price for the above example:
1) Open customer card and locate customer X.
2) In the customer card, click on Sales --> Prices.
3) Select Item X in the Item No. field.
4) Enter 30 in the Minimum Quantity field.
5) Put 31/12/2007 at the Ending Date field.
6) Enter 80 to the Unit Price field.


Anonymous said...


fell into this blog, I guess it's quite old and maybe not maintained anymore, but who knows ? :-O
Using NAV 6.0 R2, is there any chance to have a fixed price that is not linked to the pricing ? In SAP it should be called "Contract Price", it seems there's something called "Conditional Price" in NAV but haven't found much clue adn doesn't seem to be working.
I.e. standard price for a product is 100, then I have a promo (manual price) for all customers at 90, let's say I don't want customer xyz to see it or I even want him to see a higher price (let's say 110), using a SAP contract price I can set it for a customer or customer group for a specific amount of time, and this price doesn't count pricing logic and skips it, even if it's higher...anything similar in nav ? :-(


Admin said...

It will works in NAV 6.0. Just follow the steps mentioned above but don't put the minimum quantity and ending date.