Thursday, 11 October 2007

Item Cross Reference

Item Cross Reference allows user to use another company's item number when creating sales order or purchase order. When the cross reference no. is selected in the sales order line, Navision will automatically fill in the Item No. field with the internal item no.

To Setup Item Cross Rerefence
1) Open Item Card.
2) In the Item Card, click Item --> Cross References.
3) Select either Vendor, Customer or Bar Code in the Cross Reference field.
4) Select Vendor No., Customer No. or Bar Code in the Cross Reference Type No. field.
5) Enter other company's Item No. in the Cross-Reference No. field.
6) Enter Unit of Measure
7) Enter the Description for the Item. This description will be copied to sales order line description instead of copying the description from Item Card.

Item Cross Reference information is stored in Table 5717 - Item Cross Reference.

How to use Item Cross Reference in Sales Order ?
1) Create a new sales order as normal.
2) By default, the Cross Reference No. field is not shown in the Sales Order Line. Use the Show Column function to show the cross Reference No. field.
3) Click the Assist button in the Cross Reference No. field to select a cross reference no. Navision will fill in the Item No. and other information in the sales order line.

In order to use Item Cross Reference, you need to purchase 'Inventory - Item Cross References' granule.

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