Friday, 12 October 2007

Nonstock Item

Non Stock Item is used to order, ship and invoice intems that are not maintained in inventory. Don't be mistaken that nonstock item is a non-physical item or service. It can be a physical item but not stored in your warehouse. Nonstock Item is usually used in drop shipment where you puchase the items from vendor and ask the vendor send the items directly to the customers. The items will not come to your warehouse. This is the major usage of Nonstock Item.

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Fritz Raffler said...

Well, you are pointing out a misconception, because if you really want to enter a "manual non-stock item" you could select "G/L" as the type instead of "Item" in the PO line. By doing so you are posting a "non-stock item" by applying it to the specified G/L account and by not using any stock units.