Thursday, 4 October 2007

Posting Sales Order

Posting Sales Order means posting financial value of a sales order to the dedicated general ledger accounts in chart of account. Posting in Navision is divided into Post Shipment and Post Invoice. Post Shipment involve quantity change wihle Post Invoice involving financial value.

Navision allow you to Post Shipment and Invoice simultanousely or Post Shipment first and then followed by Post Invoice.

The Qty. To Ship and Qty. To Invoice indicate the quantity that the posting function will post. The Qty. To Ship and Qty. To Invoice is automatically populated by Navision based on the Quantity field.

Qty. To Ship = Quantity - Quantity Shipped

By default, Qty. To Ship will take the value in the Quantity field. This means that all item in the Sales Order will be shipped at once. However, Navision allows you to change the Qty. To Ship field in order to support Partial Shipment. For example, your customer order 100 unit of Item A, and only want 30 units to be delivered first. You can change the Qty. To Ship to 30 and then post it. Upon posting, Navision will creates a posted shipment document containing all the shipping details. To view the Posted Shipment document:

1) Go to Sales & Marketing --> History --> Posted Shipments
2) Browse to the Posted Sales Shipment that you want to view.
1) Open the Sales Order (if it has not been deleted yet)
2) Click on Order --> Shipments to open the Posted Sales Shipment list window.
3) Selet the Posted Sales Shipment and the click on Shipment --> Card

You can post as many shipment as you like as long as there are quantity to ship.

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