Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Production Order Status

Simulated Production Order
Simulated Production Order is not real. The main purpose of Simulated Production Order is for new product cost estimation. It is a can be considered as sample production order that will not affect MPS and MRP.

Planned Production Order
Planned Production Order is usually generated from planning but can also be created manually. Planned Production Order will be deleted when generating subsequent Production Order.

Firmed Planned Production Order
Firmed Planned Production Order cannot be changed from Planning but can be changed manually at the Production Order. Firmed Planned Production Order can be created from:
1) Sales Order
2) Planning
3) Manually

Released Production Order
Released Production Order can be used to record actual material consumption and product output but does not necessarily means materials have been consumed. Automatic flushing of consumption and product output can occurs in Released Production Order.

Finished Production Order
Finished Production Order cannot be changed and is more for historical data purposes.

1 comment:

Davey said...

I notice that the Production Order number changes when the Status is changed.

If this behavior is not desired, is there a way to keep the same production order number across the statuses?

We wish to set the status from Planned to Firm Planned when the material is in. This would give a clear signal that it can be released (without having to run reports every time).

Routing Cards are to be produced during Released stage only, but our capacity planning program (Preactor) will receive Planned, Firm Planned and Released orders, so it is important for us to keep the numbers the same.

Thank you
Dave K.