Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Routing Link Codes

Routing Link Codes is used to reduce inventory based on routing steps. Components in BOM can be linked to specific step in Routing with Routing Link Codes. This is very useful in long manufacturing process because material inventory can be reduced without waiting for the item to be completed manufactured. Inventory will be reduced while the item is being manufactured.
There are 3 types of flushing methods in Routing Link Codes:
1) Manual - Inventory is affected when user post consumption or production journal
2) Forward - Inventory is affected when routing step is started
3) Backward - Inventory is affected when routing step is completed

To link BOM components to Routings:
1) Open the Item Card for Item with value in Both Routing No. and Production BOM fields.
2) Open the Routing Card for the Routing No. selected.
3) Select a Routing Link Codes for each routing lines
4) Open Production BOM card.
5) Enter the same Routing Link Codes into the Production BOM lines. Lines will the same Routing Link Codes will be linked.

* My company does not use Routing Link Code

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