Saturday, 13 October 2007

Setup Item Card for Requisition Management

Planning and Replenishment tabs in Item Card contains setup information that will affect the result in Requisition Worksheet. Open Item Card and then go to Planning tab.

Important fields to take note in the planning tab are:

Reordering Policy
Navision uses reordering policy field to calculate replenishment order quantity.
Fixed Reorder Quantity tell Navision to always take value in the Reorder Quantity field as proposed replenishment quantity. If Maximum Quantity is selected, Navision will calculate the proposed quantity that need to be purchased so that the replenishment will make the inventory level back to the maximum level. If Order is selected, Navision will propose one replenishment based on the requirement in sales order. If you do not select any reordering policy, Navision will not propose any replenishment for the item.

Reorder Cycle
This field accept a date formula that set the planning time frame. Reorder Cycle will be disabled if the Reordering Policy is set to Order. It is also not recommended to use Reorder Cycle together with Maximum Qty. reordering policy.

Reorder Point
Reorder point is the point where you must replenish the item if the quantity of stock fall below the reorder point. If the projected available balance fall below reorder point but still above the safety stock quantity, Navision will create a purchase order proposal that is forward scheduled until the day that cause projected available balance to fall below reorder point.

Safety Stock Quantity
Safety Stock Quantity is the quantity of stock that you want to keep in your inventory to prevent the situation of running out of stock. Inventory level will reach Reorder Point before reaching Safety Stock Quantity so that the items can be replenished before it fall below Safety Stock Quantity. If the projected inventory level already fall below the safety stock quantity, Navision will propose to at least replenish up to the Safety Stock Quantity.

Reorder Quantity
Value in Reorder Quantity field will be used in all replenishement proposal for the item selected. Whenever the item need to be replenished, the item will be replenished with the quantity specified int the Reorder Quantity field.

Safety Lead Time
Safety Lead Time is the safety time buffer to protect against delay in replenishment. Safety Lead Time will push the Expected Receipt Date in Purchase Line to a date later than the Planned Receipt Date.
Expected Receipt Date = Planned Receipt Date + Inbound Warehouse Handling + Safety Lead Time.

Maximum Inventory
Maximum Inventory is the maximum quantity you want to keep in your inventory. Navision will use this field to calcualte the quantity to be replenished if you choose Maximum Quantity in Reordering Policy.

Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum Order Quanitty is the minimum quantity to be purchased at purchase order. You cannot set a quantity in purchase order line that is smaller than the Minimum Order Quantity.

Maximum Order Quantity
Maximum Order Quanitty is the maximum quantity to be purchased at purchase order. You cannot set a quantity in purchase order line that is greater than the Maximum Order Quantity.

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