Thursday, 4 October 2007

Unit Price in Sales Order

Once you have selected an Item No. in then Sales Order Line, the Unit Price will be populated automatically. Navision will copy the Unit Price from 2 places depending on your setting.

If you have maintained the Altenating Sales Price for a customer, Navision will take the alternate price if the specified criteria in the setup is met. Alternate price can be offered if the customer belongs to certain customer price group. For example, you can group you regular customers as favourable customer and give the special low price. Or if your company is doing sales promotion, you can define a lower price during the promotion period.

If you did not setup any alternate pricing for the customer, Navision will copy the price from the Item Card.

To set an alternative price for a customer:
1) Open the Customer Card.
2) Click on Sales --> Prices to open the Sales Prices window.
3) Select the Item that you want to give alternative price.
4) Set the new pricing by setting the Unit Price or Discount Amount
5) Select the Starting and Ending Date for the alternate price to take effect. If you do not want ending date, you can leave the Ending Date field empty.
6) Set the Minimum Quantity if you want this alternate price to take effect only if certain quantity is met.

Please note that you can also access the Sales Prices window from Item Card. Open the Item Card and then click on Sales --> Prices.

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