Sunday, 11 November 2007

Create Production Order from Sales Order

1) From Sales Order window, click on Order --> Planning to open the Sales Order Planning window as shown below.

Fields to take note on Sales Order Planning window are:
a) Item No.
--> Item No. form the Sales Order Line.

b) Planning Status
--> Planning status of production order for the sales order.
--> Options available are None, Simulated, planned, Released and Inventory.
--> Navision will update this field internally.
--> If you did not do any planning on the sales order, this field will shows None.

c) Shipment Date
--> Shipment Date from Sales Order Line.

d) Planned Quantity
--> Quantity on Production Order that links to the Sales Order Line.
-->Information are stored as Reservation Entries.

e) Available
--> Actual quantity available in inventory.

f) Expected Delivery Date
--> Is just an estimated date until Production Order is created.
--> Will updates with due date from Production Order.

g) Needs Replanning
--> Indicates whether the sales order line need to be rescheduled or not.
--> Updated by Navision automatically.

2) Click Functions --> Create Prod. Order to create a production order from the sales order planning window. You can select Planned, Firmed Planned or Released Production Order.

3) Choose whether you want to create Item Order or Project Order:
a) Item Order : one Production Order for each Sales Order line.
b) Project Order : one Production Order for all lines in the Sales Order.

* Note: My company users select Planned and Item Order

4) Click Yes to create the Production Order and you will see a message indicating a Production Order has been created. Please take note of the Production Order no. After the Production Order has been created, the following fields in the Sales Order Planning window will change accordingly:
Plannig Status : change to either Planned, Firm Planned or Released depending on your selection.
Planned Quantity : change to the quantity you planned to produce.
Needs Replanning : unchecked.

Tables updated by the Create Production Order function include:
-->Production Order
-->Product Document Dimension
-->Warehouse Request
-->Prod. Order Line
-->Prod. Order Routing Line
-->Prod. Order Component
-->Prod. Order Capacity Need
-->Reservation Entry

OK. Production Order has been created from Sales Order. Now, open the created production order to examine the production order.
5) Go to Manufacturing --> Execution --> Planned Prod. Orders. (choose Firmed Planned Prod. Orders or Released Prod. Orders if you have created these orders instead of Planned Prod. Orders.)

6) Find the Production Order generated from Sales Order. Use the Production Order no. you obtained in step (4) to locate the Production Order.

7) Take note of the following fields at the Production Header
Quantity : Defaulted to Sales Order Quantity.
Due Date : Defaulted to Sales Order Shipment Date.

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