Friday, 7 December 2007

Reverse Wrongly Post Production Order

How to reverse a wrongly post production order ? Navision does not provide a function to reverse wrongly post production order. You have 2 workarounds to reverse the wrongly post production order.

First workround is to post negative quantity to all the consumption and output items in the production order.
1) At the production order that you have posted wrongly, click on Ctrl + F5 to see the posted item ledger entries.

2) Note down the posted quantity for each item and then close the Item Ledger Entries window.

3) Click on Line --> Production Journal to open the Production Journal window.

4) Enter the negative quantity of the quantity that you have posted wrongly for each item. Refer the quantity that you have noted down earlier from the Item Ledger Entries window.

5) Navision will force to select the applies-to-entry field on the output line if you have put a negative value in the quantity field. For this case, select the output that you have posted wrongly. You can only select applies-to-entry for item ledger entry which is still open. If the Item Ledger Entry status already set to close, then you can skip the subsequent steps because you are too late to use this workaround. If you can select the applies-to-entry, then you can proceed to step (6).

6) Post the Production Journal again.

7) Repeat step (3) to (5) for each production order lines.

This method is the easiest and it will reverse the production order to the state as it has not been posted before. If you prese Ctrl + F5 to check the Item Ledger Entries again, you will find each consumption and output lines have one positive and one negative entry to contra off each other.

If you are too late to use the first workaround, you have to use the Item Journal to do positive adjustment on the consumed quantity and negative adjustement on the output quantity.

Neither method is pleasent to use. So, check the production order carefully before post to avoid this tedios work.

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