Saturday, 19 January 2008

Table Relationship in Navision and SQL Server

If you have enabled the Maintain Relationships option in the File --> Database --> Alter Database --> Integration tab, the Table Relation that you set in Navision will created in SQL Server as Foreign Key constraint. But please take note that the Foreign Key constraints in SQL Server are disabled and will not be used to enforce any data integrity. The Foreign Key constraints created are merely for diagramming purposes. You can use the SQL diagramming tool to generate the ERD diagram for the tables with foreign keys created.

The names of the foreign key constraints have the following format:

<table name>$FK$T<referencing table id>_F$T<referencing table ID>$T<referenced table ID>

For example, No. Series field in Customer table has a relationship with No. Series Table. The Foreign Key constraints created in SQL Server will be:


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