Monday, 26 May 2008

Standard Text Code

Standard Text Code can be used to speed up entering text that you need to enter into Navision over and over again. Standard Text Code is the special code defined by users to represent the often repeated text. The Standard Text Code can be defined at:

Financial Management --> Setup --> General --> Standard Text Codes

After you define the standard text code, you can enter ? followed by the code in a text field and Navision will fill up the field with the description defined in the Standard Text Code Setup window. You can also enter the code in the No. field on lines where type is empty.

Obviously, advantages of Standard Text Codes are:
1) Faster data entry
2) Consistent wording

Here is a trick pointed out to me by Ian Crocker. You can also enter a single question mark (?) in any text or code field in NAV, tab away from the field and the Standard Text form will be launched, where you can select from the list as you would normally. This is system wide, not just on fields which are standard text enabled. Quite a neat little trick.

1 comment:

RudaisVells said...

Is it possible to cancel this feature for a specific form ?

for example - if I need that '?'+'some kind of text' exactly that way as I typed it - without that standard text feature