Sunday, 27 July 2008

Inventory Posting

Inventory Posting in Navision in done through posting of Item Journal Lines. Item Journal Lines can be posted directly from Item Journal or posted indirectly, for eg. from Purchase Line. Please note that when a Purchase Line is posted, the Purchase Line actually transferred to an Item Journal Line and the posted from there.

Posting Item Journal Line may causes the following entries to be created in Navision.
1) Item Ledger Entry
2) Value Entries
3) Item Application Entries
4) Capacity Ledger Entry

There are 2 types of postings involved in each Intentory transaction.
1) Quantity Posting (change of quantity in inventory), which will be recorded in Item Ledger Entries table.
2) Value Posting (change of inventory value) which will recorded in Value Entries table.

In other words, Item Ledger Entries table stored to the physical quantity changes while the Value Entries table stored the changes of value (or cost) of the inventory.

Item Ledger Entries can be applied against each other to track the linkage between inventory decrease and inventory increase. Item Application Entry table stores the application between Item Ledger Entries. For example, you can track the item that being sold (inventory decrease) was produced from which production order (inventory increase). The applications between Item Ledger Entries are stored in Item Application Entry table (Table 339).

Please takes note that:
1) One Item Ledger Entry can have one or more associated Values Entries.
2) One Item Ledger Entry can have one or more associated Item Application Entry.

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Joanne said...

- what can possibly caused the item ledger entries not created in the Item Application entry table

- if this happens, what can be done to 'recreate' the missing entries in the Item Application Entry table