Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has 3 core modules:

The sales module helps in creating sales and closing deals. The Sales Management module in Dynamics CRM allows you to prospecting leads and trace closing stages. The Communication Management feature allows management to track communication between salesperson and customers. The Direct e-mail marketing feature under the Sales module can helps organization in doing mass email campaign.

The main purpose of the Marketing module is to help your marketing team analyze and segmentize customers so that marketing campaign can be more targeted. You can use Dynamics CRM marketing tools to:
--> do marketing planning & budgeting
--> generate target list
--> create marketing campaign
--> track and analyze marketing campaign. Reports in Dynamics CRM allows you to analyze marketing campaign in both of operation performance and financial performance.

After you spend all the effort to convert prospect into customer, it is very important for your organization to ensure that your customers are receiving highest level of services efficiently in order to retain the customers. The Service module has all the features that you needed to rovide better service to your customers, such as queue management, call routing & assignment, call tracking, logging and knowledgebase.

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