Friday, 17 October 2008

Contact Card

Contact Card is easily accessible from Sales & Marketing --> Sales --> Contacts. Navision uses Contact Card to keep your contact's information. A contact can be a person or a company. This can be defined at the Type field in the General tab. If the Contact is a person, you can define the company that the person is working for in the Company No. field. If the contact is a company, the Company No. field will be disabled.

You can have more than one contact person working in a same company. To see all contacts working in the same company, click on Contact --> Related Contacts. Navision will shows you a list of contacts with the same company no.

There are 3 dates fields need to take note. These are Date of Last Interaction, Last Date Attempted and Next To-do Date. Date of Last Interaction contains the date of the last successful interaction with the contact, such as email sent or received. The Last Date Attempted contains the last date when the contact were contacted but not successful. For example, you try to call the contact but the contact did not pick up the phone. You can click on the AssistButton for the fields to see more details of the interaction. The Next-To-do Date contains the next follow-up date with the contact.

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