Friday, 17 October 2008

Contact Search

What is the best way to search a contact in Navision database ? You can open the Contact card and then use the field filter to filter the contact that meet your criteria. This is the standard way of finding record in Navision. However, for Contact, Navision has a better function for you, called Contact Search.

Open the Contact Card and then click on Function --> Contact Search. Type a searching criteria in the Find What field and then click on the Find button. Navision will search the following fields in Contact table: Name, Search Name, Name 2, Address, Address 2, City, Phone No., Telex No., Fax No. Telex Answer Back, VAT Registration No., Post Code, County, E-Mail, Home Page, Company Name, Mobile Phone No. and Pager.

Besides Contact table, Navision will also search:
1) Comment field in Rlshp. Mgt. Comment Line table.
2) Description and Subject field in Interaction Log Entry table.
3) Description table in To-do table.
4) Description in Opportunity table.

So, do you agree with me that this Search Contact function is much better than the field filter method? Not only that, Seach Contact function also has the fuzzy logic algorithm to return search result based on close spelling and pronounciation.

However, in order for the Search Contact function to work, you need to index the contact information first before it can be searched. You can let Navision automatically update the index each time you modify the contact's information by Setting the Search Index Mode field in the Marketing setup to Auto. If you set the Search Index Mode to manual, you need to run the Generate Contact Search Index periodically. The Generate Contact Search Index can be located at Sales & Marketing --> Marketing --> Periodic Activities --> Generate Contact Search Index.
The Contact Search can also be accessed from Sales & Marketing --> Marketing --> Contact Search.

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