Friday, 17 October 2008

Report Grouping and Totalling

1) Open the Properties window (SHIFT + F4) of the data item that you want to group.

2) Enter the name of the field that you want to group by at the GroupTotalFields property.

3) Select a key for the DataItemTableView property. You must select a key that contains the field that you want to group by. Otherwise, the grouping won't work.

4) Enter the names of the fields that you want Navision to calculate based on the grouping. The calculated value can be shown in the Group Footer section.

5) Close the Properties window and open the Layout view.

6) Press F3 to insert a Group Header section.

7) Press F3 to insert a Group Footer section.

8) Add a field to the Group Header or Group Footer.


Anonymous said...

good one...Step by step... for begineer...:p

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Just what I was looking for