Monday, 13 October 2008

Return Quantity Shipped and Quantity Invoiced to Blanket Order from Return Order or Credit Memo

Let's consider this example to illustrate the effect of Return Order and Credit Memo to Blanket Order.
1) Create a new Blanket Order in Cronus database to customer 10000 with 1000 units of Item 1001 - Touring Bicycle.

2) Make a Sales Order from the Blanket Order with 10 units of Item 1001.

3) Post the Sales Order with Ship and Invoice.

4) Now, go back to the Blanket Order 1001. You should be able to see the following quantity changes:
a) Qty. to ship = 990,
b) Quantity Shipped = 10,
c) Quantity Invoiced = 10.
This shows that posting of Sales Order will affect the quantity in Blanket Order.

5) Open the Item Card of Item - 1001 and take note of the Quantity available in inventory.

6) Now, customer 10000 rejected 5 units of the bicycle due to factory defect. So, create a Sales Return Order of 5 units Item - 1001. In order for you to link the Return Order to the Blanket Order, fill in Blanket Order No. = 1001 and Blanket Order Line No. = 10000 in the Return Order Line. This step is important.

7) Post the Return Order as Ship and Invoice.

8) Go back to the Blanket Order. You should be able to see the following:
Qty. to Ship = 995
Quantity Shipped = 5
Quantity Invoiced = 5.

9) Open the Item Card of Item - 1001 and you should see the Inventory has increased by 5 units.

If you don't fill in the Blanket Order No. and Blanket Order Line No. at step (6), the quantity returned will not be returned to the Blanket Order but it will still returned back to the Inventory. Therefore, you will see Qty. to Ship, Quantity Shipped and Quantity Invoiced remained at 990, 10, and 10. Because the quantity is not returned back to the Blanket Order, you will not be able to ship the items to the customer again. If the customer rejects the items and do not want to the items to be exchanged with non-defect units, you can leave the Blanket Order No. and Blanket Order Line No. field blank. Otherwise, you may need to fill in the fields. By default, these 2 fields are not visible in the Return Order form, you may need to pull out the fields to the Sales Return Order line.

Credit Memo also using the same concept. You can try it by creating a Credit Memo of 2 units Item - 1001.

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