Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Search for Duplicate Contacts in Navision

Control on creating new contact card is not as tight as Customer Card and Vendor Card. Usually, sales people are allowed to enter contact's information and not much checking is required before creating the contact. Thus, there are chances that the same contact will be entered more than once in the system. Luckily, Navision has functions for you to find duplicate Contacts in the system, either manually or automatically. To manually search duplicate contacts:
1) Click on Sales & Marketing --> Marketing --> Periodic Activities --> Duplicates --> Generate Duplicate Search string.
2) Key in your filtering criteria.
3) Click on the OK button to let Navision search for the duplicate contacts.

After finish generating the duplicate contacts, Navision will close the Generate Dupl. Search String report. The duplicate results won't show here.

To view the Duplicate Contacts result, click on Sales & Marketing --> Marketing --> Periodic Activities --> Duplicates --> Duplicate Contacts to open the Contact Duplicates window. If the 2 different contacts are shown as duplicates in the Duplicate Contacts window, you can tick on the Seperate Contact field to indicate these are different contacts. Once you tick the contacts as different contacts, Navision will not list the contacts in Duplicate contacts windows again in future search.

If you do not want the hassle to search the duplicates manually, you can set Navision to automatically update the duplicate contacts information whenever the contact is updated. The Auto mode can be defined at Sales & Marketing --> Setup --> Marketing Setup.

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